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How an all-in-one business software can help your business become more customer-centric

In any business, no matter on size or market share, the customer is your priority. They are what keeps your company running and the importance of placing your customer at the heart of your business continues to grow. Customers are more selective today about the brands they purchase from due the mass amount of choice they are being given. Consumers are now buying from people instead of businesses, so if one of your potential customers has a bad experience with one of your staff, they are incredibly likely to buy from someone else. So what is customer-centricity?  Customer centricity is doing business in a way that provides a good customer experience throughout the entire customer lifecycle, from the awareness stage through to post purchase. This positive experience provokes repeat business and customer advocacy. One example of a company that is taking that extra step to becoming more customer centric is TD, a bank based in Canada, that uses their YouTube channel to share video

5 Top Marketing Tips For Your Startup

So you've got your business up and running and you're looking for some cost-effective ways to improve your marketing to boost sales and engagement? Well you've come to the right place! Having a solid plan in place to approach your marketing will help you get over the initial obstacles and there are plenty of things you can do to increase your brand's presence in your target industry. 1. Blogging Investing in a solid content marketing strategy that resonates with your audience is a huge step to creating engaged readers and customers. As well as gaining insight from reader comments on your posts, blogging also help improve your search engine ranking. By creating new and relevant content with links back to your website, your blog will be a major driver in your SEO strategy. Blogging on  partner or industry websites will boost this even more. Blogging allows you to promote your wealth of knowledge through posts on trends and challenges in the industry and will gi

How can my business benefit from Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is the practice of outsourcing a portion of your marketing to third-party affiliates, who promote your products and services to potential customers, in return for a commission. Each product or service promoted is tracked using a special link that can monitor a sale or action that has occurred through that link. The affiliate will receive a commission on each of these sales or actions. The affiliate marketing process usually includes three parties: The Affiliate Website: The website of the company or individual promoting your product or services. This is where the your customers find out about your offerings. The Customer: A visitor will become interested in your product or service through the affiliate website and click on the special link that takes them from the affiliate website to the your website. The Affiliate Network: They supply the affiliate link and work as the middleman that tracks the referral from adverti

The Top 5 Features in Fortifi Support

We here at Fortifi have listed our top 5 favourite features within our Support Platform, to give you a glimpse into the help that the system could bring to your business. Whether you are a freelancer, or a large business with a full customer support team, Fortifi Support can help your business increase its productivity and increase customer satisfaction. LIVE CHAT Faster and more efficient than email or phone, Fortifi's live chat platform allows you to creates a personal connection to people browsing your website and looking for support, so you can answer questions in real-time and convert more leads. Add Fortifi live chat to your website and increase the likelihood of converting customers by reaching out and providing instant customer support when they need it most.  Transfer messages between team members based on their current chat load or their department to prevent overloading agents, convert chats that need a more in-depth answer into customer support ticke

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have an Email Marketing Strategy

According to research from Mckinsey&Company,  employees spend 13 working hours every week in their email inbox. Within the numerous amount of emails your clients get per day, you have to overcome the obstacle of not only getting your communications seen, but also getting those subscribers to engage with your content. You know you need to attract new customers and retain existing one's, but you aren't sure where to invest your valuable time and money to achieve the results you want. Email marketing campaigns are an effective way for your company to communicate with your subscribers and as a result, increase brand engagement and generate sales. We have listed five simple reasons why we think you should implement an email marketing strategy within your business today: 1. Improved communication with your audience Whether your goal is to send monthly, weekly or daily, e-newsletters are the best way to promote your brand, the benefits of your products and services t

How to track your marketing campaigns to see the best return of investment

Do you wish you could effectively measure the return of investment from your marketing campaigns? If you launch a campaign without a way to measure the data, how can you understand the impacts and continually improve your marketing? Your business income is directly influenced by the amount of clicks you can get on your campaigns and more importantly, the quality of these clicks. Much of the data gathered by companies today in incompatible due to non-existent or inconsistent tracking. You may be thinking, 'But I use Google Analytics, why do I need another tracking software?' Whilst Google Analytics offers great insights into what people do when they finally arrive on your site, there is an entire aspect of the customer journey that they do not always get right. A link tracking software will allow you to complete this journey by analysing where your traffic is coming from in real-time, right down to the geographic location of a click. Utilising a link tracking softwa