How to track your marketing campaigns to see the best return of investment

Do you wish you could effectively measure the return of investment from your marketing campaigns?

If you launch a campaign without a way to measure the data, how can you understand the impacts and continually improve your marketing?

Your business income is directly influenced by the amount of clicks you can get on your campaigns and more importantly, the quality of these clicks. Much of the data gathered by companies today in incompatible due to non-existent or inconsistent tracking.

You may be thinking, 'But I use Google Analytics, why do I need another tracking software?'

Whilst Google Analytics offers great insights into what people do when they finally arrive on your site, there is an entire aspect of the customer journey that they do not always get right. A link tracking software will allow you to complete this journey by analysing where your traffic is coming from in real-time, right down to the geographic location of a click.

Utilising a link tracking software alongside Google Analytics will allow you to get the full picture of your customer journey so you can optimise every touchpoint.

Link tracking allows you to take full control over your marketing activities. You can drive campaign success, find your best call to actions (CTA) and determine which campaigns are working, and which need some work.

How Fortifi can help:

Take the guesswork out of measuring the return of investment on your digital marketing campaigns and track all of your traffic sources through our super-fast tracking system.

Whilst other tracking softwares can be less than accurate in determining actual traffic numbers, Fortifi is 100% accurate when it comes to tracking the number of clicks from your campaigns. Easily create, classify and validate tracking codes that drive campaign success with better data reporting.

Utilise actionable data from Fortifi’s powerful reporting to analyse your traffic in real-time, round down to the zip code of a click to make advertising easier.

Instead of checking too many confusing metrics across several sites, run your marketing through a singular online powerful dashboard and focus on the data that means the most to your business.


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