Day In The Life Series - The Marketing Manager

Fortifi can be used by businesses of all types and sizes, whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a large enterprise, Fortifi can be implemented into your organisation to support a variety of functions and departments.

To continue our 'Day In The Life' series, today we are bringing you the story of Joe, a Marketing Manager who uses Fortifi to help him produce results and build customer relationships in his day to day work life. 

Fortifi helps marketers like Joe track and measure their campaign performance across multiple touchpoints in the customer journey. Joe can easily create email campaigns that he can configure and personalise to his target audiences, and monitor these results, all from one platform. 

Whether you run a marketing agency, a consultant or part of in-house marketing team, head over to Fortifi and take a look at we could be helping you drive growth and effectively measure ROI on your campaigns.Check out our first post in our 'Day In The Life' series, that …

Day In The Life Of a Small Business Owner [Infographic]

Fortifi can be used by businesses of all types and sizes, whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a large enterprise, Fortifi can be implemented into your organisation to help across various functions and departments.

We will be running a series of 'Day In The Life' stories across our blog over the coming weeks and today we are starting things off with small business owners.

One of the greatest benefits Fortifi has on small business owners is it allows them to get high end level software found in upper tier plans, for a small business price. We don't hold back any features of apps within Fortifi. On all our plans you get full access to Fortifi and just pay for what you use, helping growing businesses scale efficiently.

An example for you, below is the story of a day in the life of Clara, a small business owner who runs an e-commerce business from her website. She uses Fortifi at multiple points in her day to help her boost brand awareness and drive sales.

Fortifi brings ev…

4 Ways Your Marketing Agency Can Benefit From Fortifi in 2019 [Infographic]

As a Marketing Agency, there is a substantial amount of software in the market that you can use across the various departments in your business. 
You need create quality marketing campaigns for your clients and in the process, provide an exceptional service. Instead of paying multiple providers software licences to run your business, why not practice what you preach in 2019 and bring all your data together to get the fullest view of your customer journey. 
We thought we'd highlight the primary four ways Marketing Agencies are getting the best out of Fortifi. Visit to take a look at the many more ways we help businesses create lasting customer relationships every day. 

With Fortifi, you can manage your entire customer lifecycle with complete visibility. See every bit of information on your clients - from interactions, order history and personal preferences - at the click of a button. 
Visit fortifi.ioto see how we help Marketing Agencies get organised, create superior m…

Free Business Optimisation Workshops from Fortifi

Are you looking for a CRM that generates more leads?

Do you want to upgrade your Email Marketing software so you can build stronger customer relationships?

Your software should be helping you release your full business potential everyday.

Over at Fortifi, we know a thing or two about how to utilise business software effectively and we work with companies every day that are looking to improve their on their current processes. That's why we are offering local businesses in the Hampshire and West Sussex area a FREE audit of their current and future business software requirements.

For business with existing software in place, you can expect to receive:
An audit on how your current business software is helping you meet your goals.An evaluation of whether your current business software is increasing productivity and efficiency in your organisation.Actionable recommendations where your business could benefit from further or alternative software investment.Best practice advice for integrat…

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Here at Fortifi, we help publishers and advertisers everyday run their affiliate marketing campaigns and we often forget that quite a few people still have no idea what affiliate marketing is.

We are running a series of posts over the next few weeks to help you get the grasps with affiliate marketing and understand how you could be utilising it in your business.

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is the process through which an affiliate receives commission from an advertiser by promoting a product or service to potential customers, that then results in a sale.

First off, let's break down some of those terms:

Advertiser: This is the brand / merchant who sells their products through the affiliate marketing model

Affiliate (also known as a Publisher): This is the website or app that promotes the advertisers products or services

Below shows the basic process of the affiliate marketing model:

This outlines the basic process between the affiliate and the advertiser, but the…

5 Signs That You Need To Switch Your CRM

Nobody likes change, especially when we believe there is a lot at stake.

We are so quick to change electricity providers, but when it comes to our valuable business software, we often make excuses for reasons why it is no longer working the way we want it to. 
To address those fears you first have to think about why you purchased the software in the first place. Was it to increase productivity, reduce admin or improve customer relationships?
Are you and your staff now constantly complaining about how slow the software is? Or how it's just too complicated to use? Even too expensive to run? 
These could be some of the telltale signs that you need to switch your CRM (customer relationship management) provider. 
1. Your CRM is taking more than it's giving The top dislike salespeople have for their CRM systems is that it is too time consuming... but isn't this one of the main problems we are trying to solve by having a CRM?
If your CRM is taking up more resources to run and actu…

Fortifi & Twilio: Stay Connected With Your Customers

We are pleased to announce our new and exciting integration with Twilio, designed to make customer support quick and efficient for our users. 

Twilio gives their customers amazing capabilities in communication with prospects and customers so when it came to choosing who to partner with to create an exceptional experience for our customers, Twilio was the easy choice.

Fortifi's integration with Twilio helps businesses, be them small or large, to easily accept and make calls directly from Fortifi. 

For Agents: Handle Calls With Ease
Twilio opens up a whole new world of communications for our users. 
The Fortifi and Twilio integration allows you to answer calls from wherever you are in Fortifi. Agents will see instant customer information when a call is received and whilst in your call, you can then continue to use all of Fortifi, reducing disruption and giving you complete access when needed.

Clicking on the customer call will link you through to the customer account page, giving you c…