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Fortifi's Ultimate Guide to Live Chat

Imagine walking into a supermarket, and there were no shop assistants. Who would you ask if you wanted help to find something in the store? You wouldn't have a physical store without shop assistants, so why run your website the same way?  What is Live Chat Software? Live chat is an online, real-time communication tool that you can add to your website. It gives your website visitors the ability to chat with your team right there and then, without waiting days for a reply. Whilst it is still seen by many as a customer support tool, it can also be used in sales, giving you access to real-time communications with potential customers on your site, when they are most engaged with your brand, products, and services. Live chat can be used by businesses of any size and industry, with any goal in mind. You could be looking to increase website conversion rates, seeking to gain an advantage over your competitors, or you may have a strong focus on customer support. Live chat en