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Quick Replacements make communication personal and dynamic

Throughout Fortifi whether using the Messenger to send out Mailshots or Transactional emails such as Order Confirmed messages, or Support to provide Live Chat and Tickets to your customers, its important that the communication is personal to each customer. We wanted to make this as quick and easy to achieve as possible so we have updated our Quick Replacements feature. You will now see the Quick Replacement drop downs anywhere you need to enter some text which will make its way to a customer, from a Campaign Message to a reply in a Support Ticket: Simply click where you want the Quick Replacement in the text, then click on a drop down and select the Quick Replacement you want to use. There are many applications for Quick Replacements that should improve your efficiency. For instance you can quickly build a Canned Response which dynamically uses the Customers name and details, and pulls through the current Agents name, making a Live Chat greeting a one click process for yo