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Day In The Life Series - The Marketing Manager

Fortifi can be used by businesses of all types and sizes, whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a large enterprise, Fortifi can be implemented into your organisation to support a variety of functions and departments. To continue our 'Day In The Life' series, today we are bringing you the story of Joe, a Marketing Manager who uses Fortifi to help him produce results and build customer relationships in his day to day work life.  Fortifi helps marketers like Joe track and measure their campaign performance across multiple touchpoints in the customer journey. Joe can easily create email campaigns that he can configure and personalise to his target audiences, and monitor these results, all from one platform.  Whether you run a marketing agency, a consultant or part of in-house marketing team, head over to  Fo rtifi  and take a look at we could be helping you drive growth and effectively measure ROI on your campaigns. Check out our first post in our 'Day In The L