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Fortifi & Twilio: Stay Connected With Your Customers

We are pleased to announce our new and exciting integration with Twilio, designed to make customer support quick and efficient for our users.  Twilio gives their customers amazing capabilities in communication with prospects and customers so when it came to choosing who to partner with to create an exceptional experience for our customers, Twilio was the easy choice. Fortifi's integration with Twilio helps businesses, be them small or large, to easily accept and make calls directly from Fortifi.  For Agents: Handle Calls With Ease Twilio opens up a whole new world of communications for our users.  The Fortifi and Twilio integration allows you to answer calls from wherever you are in Fortifi. Agents will see instant customer information when a call is received and whilst in your call, you can then continue to use all of Fortifi, reducing disruption and giving you complete access when needed. Clicking on the customer call will link you through to the customer acc

How Can Customer Service be Monitored and Evaluated

As products in a marketplace become increasingly similar, one of the few differentiators is customer service. To excel in this area, customer service must be maintained, monitored and constantly improved. Businesses should always be looking for way to improve the customer experience and by listening to customers through the monitoring of their interactions, companies can make better decisions and refine their services and processes. Monitoring you customer service can help you retain customers, allow agents to improve their skills and build strong client relationships that encourage repeat business. Customer service monitoring should be considered as a strategic process and we've listed just a few of the many ways Fortifi Support helps you do this so you can make smarter decisions in your business: 1. SET AND MONITOR SLA'S A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is an agreement between you and your customer that defines the level of service for the foreseeable future. You