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The Importance of Building an Exceptional Online Experience in The Digital World

For this article, we sat down with Pete Heslop, Managing Director of Steadfast Collective , to chat about the importance of building a memorable online experience and how companies of all sizes can digitise their business for today's audiences. Emily: If people head over to your social media channels or website, they will see that you use the term 'smart creative' a lot. What do you mean be a 'smart creative'? Pete:  A smart creative is a term coined by Google's Eric Schmidt and he defined a smart creative as someone who doesn't chase compensation and they want to a do a lot more than what they are already doing. So a smart creative could be someone in marketing, it could be a developer, or it could be a designer, it could be anyone, even if they are not in the creative field. There are 3 elements to it. 1. They have the technical ability and they understand what they are doing. 2. They are really driven , they really care about the results and

Marketing Automation Systems - What are they and why they are important for my business?

For this article, we sat down with Christopher Perry from City Catering Southampton . Chris is a Marketing Technologist, specialising in bridging the divide between marketing and technology, The Business Warrior Podcast host, Emily Digweed, spoke with Chris as they explored how Marketing Automation Systems are changing the way we run our businesses today, and how they will continue to affect our operations in the future. Emily: So Chris, what's your take on marketing automation systems today? Chris: So back in the day, this technology originally focused on automating email marketing and as you mentioned, today we have this plethora of tools which help us create seamless sales experiences and time-bound marketing workflows. Most importantly, it is all about moving someone who is interested in your organisation's services to paying customers and to advocates. This is generally driven by a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) which forms the central hub