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How to Achieve a Unified Customer Experience with Fortifi

As a growing business, you should always be looking for ways to improve your customer experience. You can no longer get away with just providing an exceptional customer support experience post-purchase, you have to continue to meet and exceed expectations at every touchpoint, 24/7. Potential customers interact with your brand in multiple ways, across multiple platforms. All of these touchpoints bring in vast amounts of valuable data that need to be harnessed to make them useful for your sales and marketing processes. You can use this data to gain insights into customer needs, and their behaviours when interacting with your brand. 360-Degree Customer View Brands working towards a 360 degree customer view hold the idea that companies need to work towards a more complete view of their customers. Relationships with customers need to go beyond the transaction by utilising the data received at the different customer journey touchpoints. When utilised effectively, the 360-deg

Helpful Automation Tools For Your Software Business

Starting and growing a business in the cut-throat software market is always challenging. Providing the best customer experience possible by researching your target audience's needs, wants and desires whilst providing superior customer service will help your business stand out for the crowd. You would of probably built in some automation tools into your own software to make your customers lives easier, but are you utilising automation techniques to make your own internal processes easier? Business automation tools help create exceptional experiences throughout the entire customer lifecycle and a well run programme can help create and retain customer relationships. Whether you are looking to automate your signups and onboarding, lead nurturing, or marketing and support communications, there a multitude of tools in software such as Fortifi that can help grow your user base faster. How does Fortifi help your Software business? Subscription Management :  Fortifi’s intell

5 Time Saving Tips For Your Business

Increasing efficiency and saving money on the different technologies your business can use is one of the many challenges managers and business owners face in today's market. Allowing your staff to be as productive as possible and cutting costs on vital software will give your business a competitive advantage of other businesses in your industry. Using business automation techniques, software providers have been able to give their customer unprecedented levels of control over work-based processes and the generated data. Here are just a few examples of how you can utilise new technology to save time in your business: 1. Autoresponders Automating your marketing funnel by creating and scheduling autoresponders on built-in and custom event triggers can save you valuable time in follow ups and onboarding processes. Autoresponders allow you to plan out your messages in advance, whether it be for a seasonal holiday sale or a celebration, send the right emails at the right time.