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What Is The Best Customer Support Software For Your Small Business?

With the amount of customer service platforms out there, you can easily get overwhelmed with the numerous features and pricing plans that all these suppliers provide. So we thought we would make it easy for you, and show you why Fortifi is the best customer service software for your small business! Fortifi has everything you need for a complete customer service set-up, saving you the time and effort in investing in multiple applications to serve your requirements. Create and close support tickets Streamline your communications with Fortifi's intuitive ticketing system . Collect all your customer support requests into one centralised, shared inbox through the use of support tickets. Create and set service level agreements for you to ensure response and resolve targets are being met. Organise tickets into departments and queues to provide the correct tickets to your colleagues. With a well-structured and organised ticketing system, it is easy to make and keep your

How to Improve Your Company's Customer Service

Whilst it takes time and consistent effort to build a reputation for providing excellent customer service, it can take a minute to break. Failure to do what you promise, rudeness and ignorance are the main causes of why your customers will leave your business for a competitor. You don't just need customers for your business to thrive, you need your customers to love you. Here at Fortifi , we recognise the challenges associated with providing exceptional company wide customer service, so our team of experts have compiled the following solutions to help you delight your customers.  Provide round the clock support Your customers must be able to contact your business at any time and for small businesses this can be tricky. Without 24 hour call centres, how can you achieve round the clock support that your clients expect? Luckily for you, customer support softwares provide you with the ability to remain in communication with your clients at all times. Create autoresponders

Increase productivity with these 5 time-saving features

Do you have one piece of software for your CRM and another for email marketing? Perhaps another for your billing and for customer support? In the early stage of business growth, managers will often purchase a solution that fixes their current needs, then procure another software for their next requirement, then later down the line look for a messaging system to send targeted emails to those customers. Data silos build over time as a company scales which causes employees to search through multiple databases to find what information they need, leading to decreasing productivity and wasted resources. The solution? An integrated business platform that overcomes these limitations by providing multiple modules that automate processes and store information in a singular centralised database. Streamlining your business processes increases productivity as you are able to monitor your entire customer lifecycle from one place. All departments within your business are working on the same s

How to segment your email list for more opens, clicks and conversions

Are you plagued with high unsubscribe rates and low click-through rates? Your contacts are in completely different stages of your sales funnel so stop sending mass emails to all your subscribers and speak more directly and smarter to your customers by giving them information they want to interact with.  Why should you implement segmentation techniques to your email campaigns: According to research from  DMA , "fewer than one in 10 marketers (9%) believe that all their emails are relevant to their customers". In the same report, DMA also found that what marketers believe their customers want compared to what they say they like to receive contrasts sharply, as shown below: To segment your list effectively, you must: Have a good understanding of your audience Provide those audiences with exceptional content Provide a personalised experience.  The more information you can collect about your contacts, the more opportunities you will have to person

Access valuable data at a glance with latest feature update from Fortifi

In an effort to help you get the data you need easily, we've added new banners in Fortifi to capture the most important information at a quick glance. The banners provide a simple, visual overview to identify key information on your contacts, orders and tickets. Customers: The new banner in the Customers area of Fortifi allows you to easily and quickly view information on orders and payments for a particular contact. Orders: The new banner in the Finance area of Fortifi provides information on the timeline of a particular order. As an order passes through various milestones such as 'order created' all the way to completion, Fortifi will note the stage and the date in which is passes through this journey. Support Tickets: The new banner in the Support area of Fortifi provides helpful information on your support tickets. You can quickly view the priority, subject line, and valuable ticket data at a quick glance. ---------------------------------------