Increase productivity with these 5 time-saving features

Do you have one piece of software for your CRM and another for email marketing? Perhaps another for your billing and for customer support?

In the early stage of business growth, managers will often purchase a solution that fixes their current needs, then procure another software for their next requirement, then later down the line look for a messaging system to send targeted emails to those customers. Data silos build over time as a company scales which causes employees to search through multiple databases to find what information they need, leading to decreasing productivity and wasted resources.

The solution? An integrated business platform that overcomes these limitations by providing multiple modules that automate processes and store information in a singular centralised database.

Streamlining your business processes increases productivity as you are able to monitor your entire customer lifecycle from one place. All departments within your business are working on the same system which reduces training costs and increases team collaboration.

Below are five features within Fortifi that you can utilise in your business to improve employee productivity and increase sales conversion:

Knowledge Base
Build and maintain a searchable and categorized Knowledge Base to give your customers the data they need to solve their questions and support your agents. Quickly and easily build a customisable help centre so your agents can easily access and deliver the right answer to customers and in turn, improving the efficiency of your support agents and enquiry resolution time.

Automate and streamline your marketing funnel with autoresponders. Whether it is automating sign-up confirmations, welcoming new customers or re-engaging a previous customer, autoresponders free up time for your team to focus on higher value work. With the use of quick replacements, you can personalise automated messages that will delight and satisfy customers.

Synchronisation Between Departments
Studies show that aligned organisations meet their revenue goals more often than non-aligned organisations. Storing all your business data in one place allows different departments to view contacts and all their information through a singular centralised database. Recall past conversations and allow other agents to access the complete history of that customer, helping your business provide a seamless and exceptional customer experience.

Fortifi is able to provide a significant amount of up-to-the-minute information at your fingertips. Whether it is tracking your response time to customer support enquiries, the engagement rates of your latest email marketing campaign, keeping track of the return of investment on your advertising links or your sales churn rate, managers are able to instantly access and analyse critical data through visual dashboards.

Thanks to the way CRM technology has revolutionised customer management over the past few years, you can now access a huge database of customers with every bit of information you can source from them in an instant. This includes previous support history, purchases or subscriptions, interactions with your staff and preferences that may affect their future purchasing decisions. This allows sales reps to build stronger relationships with their customers and provide more tailored messages.


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