Access valuable data at a glance with latest feature update from Fortifi

In an effort to help you get the data you need easily, we've added new banners in Fortifi to capture the most important information at a quick glance. The banners provide a simple, visual overview to identify key information on your contacts, orders and tickets.


The new banner in the Customers area of Fortifi allows you to easily and quickly view information on orders and payments for a particular contact.


The new banner in the Finance area of Fortifi provides information on the timeline of a particular order. As an order passes through various milestones such as 'order created' all the way to completion, Fortifi will note the stage and the date in which is passes through this journey.

Support Tickets:

The new banner in the Support area of Fortifi provides helpful information on your support tickets. You can quickly view the priority, subject line, and valuable ticket data at a quick glance.


Our goal is that this feature will allow you to be more productive and make better informed decisions by providing you with quick access to valuable data.

The banners are now live across Fortifi so let us know what you think.


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