What Is The Best Customer Support Software For Your Small Business?

With the amount of customer service platforms out there, you can easily get overwhelmed with the numerous features and pricing plans that all these suppliers provide.

So we thought we would make it easy for you, and show you why Fortifi is the best customer service software for your small business!

Fortifi has everything you need for a complete customer service set-up, saving you the time and effort in investing in multiple applications to serve your requirements.

Create and close support tickets

Streamline your communications with Fortifi's intuitive ticketing system. Collect all your customer support requests into one centralised, shared inbox through the use of support tickets.

Create and set service level agreements for you to ensure response and resolve targets are being met. Organise tickets into departments and queues to provide the correct tickets to your colleagues.

With a well-structured and organised ticketing system, it is easy to make and keep your customers happy.

Reach customers instantly with live chat 

Faster and more efficient than email or phone, Fortifi Live Chat connects you to people browsing your website in real-time so you can respond to their queries when they are at the most vital point of the sales funnel and convert more leads.

Transfer messages between co-workers based on their current chat load or field of expertise, convert leads into tickets and send post-chat satisfaction surveys to gather valuable feedback for your team.

Helpful automation features

Keeping productivity high is important for your small business and as your company grows, you can get inundated with routine work. Automate tasks such as canned responses and and create autoresponders to welcome new customers.

Your knowledge base in Fortifi will provide you with all the information you need to provide fast and efficient customer service to your contacts. Implementing a knowledge base will increase the quality and efficiency of your customer service, allowing your customers to benefit from interactions with more knowledgeable and empowered staff.

Insightful reporting

Monitor your progress by getting instant access to the data that matters. Fortifi Support provides relevant reports to allow you to analyse and improve on your customer support.

Easy to use tables and graphs provide details on customer satisfaction rates, response rates based on your set SLA’s, support hotspots and much more.

Premium level features across all price plans

Here at Fortifi, we have designed our pricing models to work for your business. From small businesses to enterprise, we have the solution to fit your needs.

We believe you should be paying for what you use, instead of overpaying for what you don’t.

With our pricing structure, you can tailor and scale Fortifi to your individual business needs so you achieve the best return of investment possible.

You can view all our pricing plans here

Want more... How about our telephone support integration with Twilio? 

Fortifi's integration with Twilio helps businesses, be them small or large, to easily accept and make calls directly from Fortifi. 

Twilio opens up a whole new world of communications for our users. 

The Fortifi and Twilio integration allows you to answer calls from wherever you are in Fortifi. Agents will see instant customer information when a call is received and whilst in your call, you can then continue to use all of Fortifi, reducing disruption and giving you complete access when needed.

To find out more, you can read our full feature post on the Twilio integration here 


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About Us: 

Fortifi gives you the power to manage all elements of your business like never before.

Streamline your business and take unprecedented control over your sales, marketing, billing and support, allowing you more time to focus on the more important things. Build stronger relationships, create better customer experiences and work together as one team with Fortifi.

Getting up to speed on your customers is just a click away.


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