Fortifi & Twilio: Stay Connected With Your Customers

We are pleased to announce our new and exciting integration with Twilio, designed to make customer support quick and efficient for our users. 

Twilio gives their customers amazing capabilities in communication with prospects and customers so when it came to choosing who to partner with to create an exceptional experience for our customers, Twilio was the easy choice.

Fortifi's integration with Twilio helps businesses, be them small or large, to easily accept and make calls directly from Fortifi. 

For Agents: Handle Calls With Ease

Twilio opens up a whole new world of communications for our users. 

The Fortifi and Twilio integration allows you to answer calls from wherever you are in Fortifi. Agents will see instant customer information when a call is received and whilst in your call, you can then continue to use all of Fortifi, reducing disruption and giving you complete access when needed.

Clicking on the customer call will link you through to the customer account page, giving you complete access to their details and history, making getting up to speed on a customer's preferences a seamless process.

If a new, unrecognised number comes through, you can easily search and save to an existing account, so this call can be recognised in the future. 

For businesses that handle secure data, you can set up verification questions so that you are sure you are speaking to the correct person at the other end of call.

You can now not only view your support tickets and live chat interactions with a particular contact, their call history is now logged alongside, giving you a complete overview of your interactions (below). Not only does this make it easier for your staff to view past communications when required, it also empowers your staff to provide a superior customer experience, with all the data they need in one place. 

Additionally, you can record calls, set greetings and route to calls to the right departments and agents to make running your customer support experience the best it can be. 

For Managers: Reporting and KPI Monitoring

Fortifi's dashboard allows you to get full overview of your support team and valuable data required to evaluate performance including:
  • Agent Availability 
  • Missed / Answered  Calls 
  • Waiting Calls
  • Average Wait Time and Longest Wait Time
Gather your reporting in one, user-friendly dashboard to quickly monitor your calls and track your KPI's with ease.

Whether you are looking to power a multi-national call centre, or just keep in touch with your closest customers and track your communications, Fortifi and Twilio make it easy. You can simply sign up for a phone number anywhere in the world with Twilio, to get you started in minutes. 

Interested in taking your customer support to the next level and streamlining your communications? Head over to our website and sign up today. 


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