How to segment your email list for more opens, clicks and conversions

Are you plagued with high unsubscribe rates and low click-through rates?

Your contacts are in completely different stages of your sales funnel so stop sending mass emails to all your subscribers and speak more directly and smarter to your customers by giving them information they want to interact with. 

Why should you implement segmentation techniques to your email campaigns:

According to research from DMA, "fewer than one in 10 marketers (9%) believe that all their emails are relevant to their customers". In the same report, DMA also found that what marketers believe their customers want compared to what they say they like to receive contrasts sharply, as shown below:

To segment your list effectively, you must:
  • Have a good understanding of your audience
  • Provide those audiences with exceptional content
  • Provide a personalised experience. 
The more information you can collect about your contacts, the more opportunities you will have to personalise your emails that deliver return of investment (ROI). Data segmentation can be based on a number of attributes including geographic, interests, lifecycle stage and behavioural actions such as open and click-through rates. 

How to segment your emails:

You wouldn't pitch your product or service to new prospects as you would to long-standing customers, so why send your emails this way. 

For new email subscribers you could send a warm welcome email to your new subscribers that explains the benefits of being a subscriber and an onboarding action to help them take the next step, perhaps a demo video or a link to a free trial or your software. 

With your long-term customers you are looking for retention techniques including ways in which using your product or software can continue to benefit them such as new feature updates and video guides.

For those customers which you are looking to re-engage with, you could send emails that reminds them of the benefits of your products or showcase the improvements to your software since they last used it. You can use these re-engagement emails to help you win back the customers that have fallen behind. 

These are just some examples of segmentation techniques you could use over a enormous amount of data filters and trying out different content and innovative approaches to your email campaigns can help you acquire and retain customers. 

How Fortifi can help: 

Fortifi Messenger allows you to segment your email by a multitude of filters across your contact list to engage with your customers like never before.

These filters allow you to create the most targeted and personalised email campaigns possible. You can drill down your customers into segments based on what you know about each users - their lifecycle stage, subscription type, country, account type, products purchased and much more. You can create as many filter sets based on property and attributes as you wish to ensure you are targeting the correct customers at the right time. 

In your Customers area of Fortifi, all preferences for that contact are stored in a singular place. You can gain quick access to their purchase history, their interests, their location and subscription details. 

Thanks to the integrated structure of Fortifi, there is no need to constantly update your email campaign lists. Actions that your contacts make are automatically updated throughout the system, so be creative and allow Fortifi to do all hard work whilst you reap the rewards of loyal and engaging customers. 


Fortifi gives you the power to manage all elements of your business, combining flexibility with simple design and a strong feature set making it all-inclusive solution for growing businesses. 

Head over to our website to check out our range of business solutions to find out more. 


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