5 Time Saving Tips For Your Business

Increasing efficiency and saving money on the different technologies your business can use is one of the many challenges managers and business owners face in today's market.

Allowing your staff to be as productive as possible and cutting costs on vital software will give your business a competitive advantage of other businesses in your industry.

Using business automation techniques, software providers have been able to give their customer unprecedented levels of control over work-based processes and the generated data.

Here are just a few examples of how you can utilise new technology to save time in your business:

1. Autoresponders

Automating your marketing funnel by creating and scheduling autoresponders on built-in and custom event triggers can save you valuable time in follow ups and onboarding processes. Autoresponders allow you to plan out your messages in advance, whether it be for a seasonal holiday sale or a celebration, send the right emails at the right time.

You can set up emails that welcome new subscribers, send follow-up emails based on their current preferences and future actions or provide a seamless onboarding process for your software product.

2. Integrated email marketing software

With the advanced, highly intelligent technology being developed in both CRM and email marketing software applications, it makes sense that integrating them would have a substantial impact on marketing and sales.

Integrated solutions allow better targeting by segmenting your CRM contact list based on interests, purchases and previous interactions with your campaigns. By personalising them to greater detail, you can create marketing campaigns that deliver quality leads to your sales teams.

By allowing these two applications to communicate, you are saving precious time in segmenting your email list. By utilising features such as dynamic list movement, you can save even more time by allowing your contacts to freely move between lists that you create based on their position in the customer lifecycle stage.

3. Customer history at a glance

By including a CRM system in your business operations, or better still, an integrated business platform, you can easily access your entire customer history from one application. You can quickly and easily see everything about your prospects and customers, from their interests to their order history.

You can organise and streamline your business by gaining to access your entire business in one place. This saves you time implementing multiple applications and reduces the software learning curve.

4. Support hotspots

No customer want to be waiting for a response to their enquiries, so keeping on top of your agent performance levels and not letting your support quality drop is critical to ensuring customer satisfaction. Keep on top of your agent performance and don’t let your support quality drop by drilling down into your support hotspots.

Utilising features within customer support software such as Fortifi, you view reports based on ticket opens and close, ticket impact and number of chat sessions over a select period of time, to ensure you pick up on your support hotspots and staff your office appropriately without relying solely on lengthy satisfaction surveys.

5. Reporting

You need to create a pile of reports for your manager and you know it is going to take you all day (at least!) to produce them. Well why not utilise latest software technology and automate the process. You can get access to the reports right away without having to produce them manually, allowing you to get your more important work done.

Not only does automated reporting save you time, you will also get improved accuracy on your data by eliminating the errors that arise from human intervention.


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