How Can Customer Service be Monitored and Evaluated

As products in a marketplace become increasingly similar, one of the few differentiators is customer service. To excel in this area, customer service must be maintained, monitored and constantly improved.

Businesses should always be looking for way to improve the customer experience and by listening to customers through the monitoring of their interactions, companies can make better decisions and refine their services and processes.

Monitoring you customer service can help you retain customers, allow agents to improve their skills and build strong client relationships that encourage repeat business.

Customer service monitoring should be considered as a strategic process and we've listed just a few of the many ways Fortifi Support helps you do this so you can make smarter decisions in your business:


A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is an agreement between you and your customer that defines the level of service for the foreseeable future. You may have an SLA with a customer which requires you to answer their support requests within 24 hours.

Tracking and monitoring SLA's can be difficult, you normally need to extract raw data and build elaborate reports which take up valuable time and resources.

With Fortifi, you can easily and quickly track your SLA's. You can see the list of support tickets and the due (SLA) dates that are set against each ticket based on your set preferences. These indicate how long you have left within that agreed SLA period and whether these have lapsed. This allows your support agents to stay on top of SLA's and managers to monitor progress.


Nobody wants to be waiting for a response to their support request, so staffing your support team to keep response times low is critical to ensuring customer satisfaction.

See when chat and ticket session resolutions are at their best and worst to ensure you allocate correct staffing levels for busy periods throughout your week.


Integration with Fortifi CRM app allows you to store support emails sent through Fortifi Support that can be reviewed at any time from the customer account.

With Fortifi, you can also monitor the average customer wait time on your live chat and support tickets to ensure you are providing a quick and efficient service. Long wait times may mean your staff need more training to improve their speed of response. Providing a knowledge base of typical and more challenging questions and answers to your support staff will help you see an increase in enquiry resolution time.


Gaining instant feedback allows you to gather live insights into how your agents are performing.

With the Fortifi Live Chat application, you can send post-chat satisfaction surveys to gather valuable feedback from your website visitors. These can then be reviewed through the reports for your teams to access to help them improve. Managers can also highlight negative feedback and pinpoint areas where teams may need more training or where there may be more staff required to help improve customer satisfaction.


Fortifi allows you to get instant access to all the customer service data that matters. Fortifi Support provides relevant reports to allow you to analyse and improve on your team's customer support.

Intuitive tables and graphs provide details on customer satisfaction rates, response rates based on your set SLA’s, support hotspots and much more.

This information can be easily transferred into reports for senior managers and be seen by all agents so that support issues can be picked up on and actioned in real-time.

Fortifi allows you simplify and automate repetitive work whilst providing round the clock support for your clients. We make monitoring and evaluating your customer service easy and efficient.


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