How To Provide Enterprise Level Customer Service On A Budget

What is customer service?

Customer service is the support you provide to your customers, bother before and after buying your products and services. By providing good customer support, you are more likely to retain customers and in turn, grow your business.

Customer service today goes beyond traditional email and telephone support. Web, text message and social media are now all mediums by which businesses can offer customer service. A lot of businesses today also recognise the 'always on' culture of today and offer self-service support which is available 24/7, wherever they are in the world. As more channels open up, staying on top of customer service can be a tricky task for small businesses and it becomes more than just answers customer questions.

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Small Business Customer Service vs Enterprise Level Customer Service

If you take a look at a small business customer service department compared to a large, enterprise business customer service department, you will traditionally see some very stark differences.

In large businesses, they have full support ticket management software in place in order to track email requests, monitor response times and the ability to automatically assign staff to specific customer enquiries. They also have the tools that allow them to answer support calls, knowing exactly the customer that is calling and providing them with every bit of information on the customer, before picking up the phone. They also have the ability to monitor their customer service performance in order to improve their retention rates, profitability and overall customer experience.

Small businesses don't typically have the infrastructure in place to provide call centre management level support over the phone and don't have the ability to run ticket management software alongside this. In most small businesses, support is run through normal telephone lines and through company inbox accounts. Offering live chat and self-service software normally requires extra money and resource to run, as well as downloading and supporting multiple software applications. Whilst larger companies will be able to monitor their customer service efforts with ease, smaller businesses typically have to harvest this data from multiple sources in order to find actionable areas of improvement. 

How Your Small Business Can Provide Exceptional Customer Service on a Budget

It is traditionally not possible for small and medium-sized businesses to harness the power of enterprise-level customer service, due to the number of platforms, staff and resources it would need to run the department. Well, that's what we over at Fortifi believed to be unfair, so we created a solution that would allow businesses of any size to provide a memorable customer service experience on a budget.

With Fortifi Support, you get a single software tool that allows your team to manage and respond to support tickets, provide live chat through your website, answer calls directly from your desktop, and create a self-service tool that your customers can access 24/7, from anywhere in the world. 

You also get access to all the most important customer service metrics. Let Fortifi harness the data and provide you with reports you need, so you don't have to waste time pulling the data together. You get all of this, plus more, starting at £40 a month for a team of 5 users - that's just £8 a user!

With Fortifi it is possible to improve customer loyalty and provide a memorable customer experience that sees customers returning time and time again, without breaking the budget. 


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