How an all-in-one business software can help your business become more customer-centric

In any business, no matter on size or market share, the customer is your priority. They are what keeps your company running and the importance of placing your customer at the heart of your business continues to grow.

Customers are more selective today about the brands they purchase from due the mass amount of choice they are being given. Consumers are now buying from people instead of businesses, so if one of your potential customers has a bad experience with one of your staff, they are incredibly likely to buy from someone else.

So what is customer-centricity? 

Customer centricity is doing business in a way that provides a good customer experience throughout the entire customer lifecycle, from the awareness stage through to post purchase. This positive experience provokes repeat business and customer advocacy.

One example of a company that is taking that extra step to becoming more customer centric is TD, a bank based in Canada, that uses their YouTube channel to share videos that thank their customers for continued business. They produce and share heartwarming videos from their Customer Appreciation Days that resonate with viewers with the aim to increase TD's brand affinity with consumers.

This video became the most watched video ad in Canada back in 2014 and you can see why.

However, you don't need to hand out plane tickets to improve your customer centricity. Your business needs to create a culture that centers around your customers. Whilst you will no doubt be continually looking for ways to identify new products and services for your customers, you should not do so without listening to them first. What you think they want and need may be very different to reality.

A good starting point is to map your your entire customer journey and refine every touch point potential consumers will have with your brand. Customer touchpoints vary depending on the business, but the most common include on social media, review sites, testimonials, yours or partner websites and in your store/office.

Your employees are primary in providing the pure customer-centric experience that your business needs to develop. One of the easiest ways to ensure that you are doing so is by taking time to develop and listen to your staff. Ask them for their feedback and how they think the company could improve. Reward them for not only for the revenue they bring in but for producing happy, loyal customers. Ensuring they have the right information available to them when they need it is crucial and providing training regularly will only strengthen your customer centricity.

The Challenges

Research has shown that the biggest challenge to creating a customer centric organisation is silos preventing customer data sharing. Businesses today are still working in an environment where departments are not sharing information.

So how can companies overcome this challenge to become the customer-centric business they want to be?

Introducing all-in-one business softwares! Whilst ERP softwares and all-in-one business platforms have been in the market for a while, the heightened importance on customer experience and lifetime value over the past few years has allowed technology to expand in these platforms.

Why have one application for your CRM when storing information on your customers, then have to open another application to send them an email campaign or bill them for your product or services? Integrated business management platforms like Fortifi are the missing link in businesses who want to become more customer centric but are plagued by multiple data silos.

In startups and small businesses, you will over have one or two members of staff performing multiple roles, making an all-in-one software solution ideal for increasing productivity. In larger businesses, data sharing between teams is effortless and multiple users are able to view every aspect of a customer journey, from their interests and acquisition route, through to their customer support and order history.

The main benefit of an integrated business solution like Fortifi is that all of your business data is accessible in one place. You can say goodbye to painful integrations with your email marketing software, your billing software and your customer service platform, when every bit of information on sales, orders and communications can be pinpointed and accessed from one centralised database.

So becoming a more customer-centric is a lot easier than you thought. By utilising latest technology to create personalised and engaging experiences, whilst being more switched on in how you structure your business and it's culture, you can exceed customer expectations and create powerful brand advocates.


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