5 Top Marketing Tips For Your Startup

So you've got your business up and running and you're looking for some cost-effective ways to improve your marketing to boost sales and engagement? Well you've come to the right place!

Having a solid plan in place to approach your marketing will help you get over the initial obstacles and there are plenty of things you can do to increase your brand's presence in your target industry.

1. Blogging

Investing in a solid content marketing strategy that resonates with your audience is a huge step to creating engaged readers and customers. As well as gaining insight from reader comments on your posts, blogging also help improve your search engine ranking. By creating new and relevant content with links back to your website, your blog will be a major driver in your SEO strategy. Blogging on  partner or industry websites will boost this even more.

Blogging allows you to promote your wealth of knowledge through posts on trends and challenges in the industry and will give you an appearance of authority to your potential customers.

Starting a blog is easy and there are numerous amounts of sites out there where you can get signed up and writing quickly. Wordpress and Blogger allow you to sign up and get blogging for free. Again, the content you create is vital to successful blogging, so make sure your messages are relevant to your target audience and communicate a value in return for the reader's time to ensure those readers return for your next post.

2. Track Your Online Marketing

Measuring the return of investment on your online marketing can be difficult without the right knowledge or software, but the importance of tracking your success can be the difference between stagnating or propelling your business.

Finding out which of your online marketing assets and campaigns are performing the best shows you which of these to either let go, improve upon or invest further time and resource in. Whilst Google Analytics is great for telling you what people are doing whilst they are on your site, finding out what these viewers did before they got to your site and the actions they took to get there come from software such as Fortifi that provide you with user data right down to the zip code of a click.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective means of communicating personalised and targeted messages to your contact database. Sending email campaigns allows you to develop trusting relationships between you and your subscribers. Creating and sending regular emails will lead to a more engaged audience and in turn, more customers.

Your contacts will likely be in different stages of the customer journey with you, so sending mass emails to all your subscribers may be more of a hindrance, than a help. Speak more directly and smarter to your contacts by giving them content they want to read by using segmentation features within email campaign platforms such as Fortifi.

With an email marketing software company you can produce insights into your campaigns. With this data you can keep track of who is opening your emails, what emails are bouncing and click through rates. 

4. Focus on Customer Experience:

Your customers are the most important thing, no matter what size your business. Your audience must be engaged with your brand, your product and the numerous amount of touchpoints where your potential customers interact with your business. 

Identifying all those touchpoints and refining them with the customer in mind at every stage will lead to a good customer experience, vital in securing satisfied customers who are likely to advocate your brand. Customer touchpoints vary depending on the business, but the most common include on social media, review sites, testimonials, website, in a store or office, a sales call and advertising.

5. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is the practice of outsourcing a portion of your marketing to third-party affiliates, who promote your products and services to potential customers, in return for a commission. You can view our full post on what Affiliate Marketing is and what the benefits to your business are here.

Affiliate Marketing is often known as no-risk marketing due to the fact that if you don't gain a lead or sale, you don't pay out. It is a great way to access an already established large audience through the means of someone else's blog, youtube site or website, rather than starting from the bottom with your own blog. 

As touched upon in our last post, you can invest in affiliate networks to supply the trackable links and work as a middleman between you and your affiliates. However, with Fortifi, you can take full control over your own affiliate programme. You can easily create and track each affiliate link, cutting out the middleman, meaning you stop paying those third-party affiliate conversion fees.

A good marketing strategy can help you reach your target audiences quicker and create satisfied customers who are happy to refer your business to their friends, family and peers. Getting your brand noticed is tough when you don't have the budget of your big competitors but above are just some of the many cost-effective ways to bring more attention to your business.


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