How can my business benefit from Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the practice of outsourcing a portion of your marketing to third-party affiliates, who promote your products and services to potential customers, in return for a commission.

Each product or service promoted is tracked using a special link that can monitor a sale or action that has occurred through that link. The affiliate will receive a commission on each of these sales or actions.

The affiliate marketing process usually includes three parties:

The Affiliate Website: The website of the company or individual promoting your product or services. This is where the your customers find out about your offerings.

The Customer: A visitor will become interested in your product or service through the affiliate website and click on the special link that takes them from the affiliate website to the your website.

The Affiliate Network: They supply the affiliate link and work as the middleman that tracks the referral from advertisers website through a cookie or pixel, through to your landing page.

With Fortifi Marketing, you can take control over your own Affiliate Network. You can easily create and track each affiliate link, cutting out the middleman, meaning you stop paying third-party affiliate conversion fees. 

Common types of affiliate marketing channels include social media influencers, bloggers or email list owners, search engine advertising and review sites.

How can my business benefit from Affiliate Marketing?

There are many benefits to your business in starting up an affiliate marketing programme. Businesses all around the world use it as a way to extend their current sales team at a fraction of the cost.

With affiliate marketing, you only pay your affiliate for the results you get through their promotions. Setting a cost per acquisition allows you to keep control of your investments and setting up a affiliate marketing programme can be done without any initial investment.

Another benefit of an affiliate programme is that instead of mass marketing to a large audience through social media, and hoping that some of them will be interested in your products and services, your company is being promoted to those interested in your industry. If you have lots of websites in your industry talking about your product, this in turn turns to lots of talk about your brand.

How can Fortifi help?

Fortifi Marketing encompasses of a super-fast tracking system that allows you to track all of your traffic sources, and ensure marketing budget is spent on the highest converting campaigns.

Extend your current sales and marketing team by creating affiliate marketing programmes that promote your business and products, on your behalf.

Fortifi's first class affiliate management software gives you all the tools you need to get running and start setting of programmes and campaigns right away. Get actionable data for clearer insights on how your publishers are performing and how to continually improve your marketing campaigns.


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