The Top 5 Features in Fortifi Support

We here at Fortifi have listed our top 5 favourite features within our Support Platform, to give you a glimpse into the help that the system could bring to your business. Whether you are a freelancer, or a large business with a full customer support team, Fortifi Support can help your business increase its productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Faster and more efficient than email or phone, Fortifi's live chat platform allows you to creates a personal connection to people browsing your website and looking for support, so you can answer questions in real-time and convert more leads.

Add Fortifi live chat to your website and increase the likelihood of converting customers by reaching out and providing instant customer support when they need it most. 

Transfer messages between team members based on their current chat load or their department to prevent overloading agents, convert chats that need a more in-depth answer into customer support tickets and send post-chat satisfaction surveys to gather valuable feedback for your management and teams.

Fortifi Support allows you to easily collect all your customer support requests into one centralised shared inbox through the use of support tickets.  

Even if you’re a one-man band looking to match the customer support of your enterprise competitors, or a large team of support agents, Fortifi Support has everything you need to increase productivity and manage customer enquiries.

Canned responses are pre-populated messages that allow support agents to respond more efficiently to customer enquiries. You can stop wasting time sending the same responses and increase productivity by creating and sending dynamic templates to build a better response for your customers.

In Fortifi, you can create canned responses to commonly asked questions and insert them in both tickets and live chat to provide further support to your service team.

No customer want to be waiting for a response to their enquiries, so staffing you support team at the correct times to keep response times low is critical to ensuring customer satisfaction. Keep on top of your agent performance and don’t let your support quality drop by drilling down into your support hotspots.

View reports based on ticket opens and close, ticket impact and number of chat sessions over a select period of time, to ensure you pick up on your support hotspots. 

It is crucial to deliver the best possible service to your customers and this can increase the pressure put on support agents, to respond to multiple tickets in a timely manner.

With Fortifi Support, you can create dynamic workflows to set priorities for your tickets based on factors such as the subject or the customer. Your agents will know the importance of a ticket or chat to your business and you can also set SLA response's and resolve targets on your tickets, to ensure you stay on top of customer enquiries. 

If you're looking to improve productivity in your business, why not take Fortifi Support for a free trial run and find out for yourself the instant benefits many companies are seeing in their customer service.


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