Day In The Life Of a Small Business Owner [Infographic]

Fortifi can be used by businesses of all types and sizes, whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a large enterprise, Fortifi can be implemented into your organisation to help across various functions and departments.

We will be running a series of 'Day In The Life' stories across our blog over the coming weeks and today we are starting things off with small business owners.

One of the greatest benefits Fortifi has on small business owners is it allows them to get high end level software found in upper tier plans, for a small business price. We don't hold back any features of apps within Fortifi. On all our plans you get full access to Fortifi and just pay for what you use, helping growing businesses scale efficiently.

An example for you, below is the story of a day in the life of Clara, a small business owner who runs an e-commerce business from her website. She uses Fortifi at multiple points in her day to help her boost brand awareness and drive sales.

Fortifi brings every aspect of your business, from your contact database, to your marketing and your billing, under under one platform.

If your a small business owner, head over to Fortifi and take a look at we could be helping you drive growth. 

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