5 Signs That You Need To Switch Your CRM

Nobody likes change, especially when we believe there is a lot at stake.

We are so quick to change electricity providers, but when it comes to our valuable business software, we often make excuses for reasons why it is no longer working the way we want it to. 

To address those fears you first have to think about why you purchased the software in the first place. Was it to increase productivity, reduce admin or improve customer relationships?

Are you and your staff now constantly complaining about how slow the software is? Or how it's just too complicated to use? Even too expensive to run? 

These could be some of the telltale signs that you need to switch your CRM (customer relationship management) provider. 

1. Your CRM is taking more than it's giving

The top dislike salespeople have for their CRM systems is that it is too time consuming... but isn't this one of the main problems we are trying to solve by having a CRM?

If your CRM is taking up more resources to run and actually hindering productivity in your business, you are essentially throwing money down the drain paying for something that is meant to make your life easier. 

2. Adoption and usage is low

Are you and your colleagues constantly frustrated with your CRM software, so much so that you don't actually want to use it?

Whether it is because your CRM is too slow, perhaps it freezes all the time where it is so buggy, or maybe it takes too much effort to even use the system itself. Your software shouldn't be slowing you down, it should be empowering you.

3. You have to integrate... everything!

If your accounting, marketing and other business software do not communicate with your CRM, then you're greatly limiting it's utility. 

If you are having to integrate every other aspect of your business with your CRM, you are more often than not paying multiple providers different monthly or annual costs for these softwares to be reviewed in one place. 

Did you know it is possible to bring everything under one platform, for one monthly price?

4. You're paying for features and users that you don't use

Many CRM software companies will pigeonhole you into certain pricing tiers which will give you more users and features than your business currently needs. 

You shouldn't be paying for what you don't need, so go with a provider where you can tailor your software to your individual business needs. 

5. Your CRM vendors customer support is lacking

When adopting a new CRM system, you and your colleagues need the correct training, documentation and support from your vendor. 

Your software is critical to running your business, so ensuring you get a reliable service and the help you need, when you need it, is crucial. 

In the end, you need to see the best return of investment possible from the software you invest in and if your CRM is keeping you from doing your job, then it's time to change.

If you're ready to switch your CRM software, why not give Fortifi a trial run, or chat with us about what you want to see from your provider and how much easier it is to switch than you initially thought.


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