Why should I choose an all-inclusive business software solution?

In the early stages of a business's growth, they will often purchase a solution that fixes their current requirements, say a billing system, and then in a few months time look for a system that will provide them with the ability to store information on these customers,  then later down the line look for a solution to continually contact new prospects and existing customers. As a result, various siloed solutions exist that cause numerous problems for businesses down the line.

Relying on a number of different applications can cause chaos when businesses start to use these all at once; wasting time, productivity and money in the process. 

The primary benefit of an all-inclusive business solution is that all your business data is accessible in one place. No more closing down and re-opening up another piece of software, every bit of information on your company's sales, orders, finances, communications, tracking and customer support is all visible in one centralised database. 

Often start-ups and small businesses will have one staff member performing multiple roles, making an all-inclusive solution ideal in increasing productivity. In larger businesses, managers are able to see data from every aspect of their activities in one place, making your business more transparent. 

Customer service is also greatly improved with an all-inclusive business solution. Integration between support software and sales software means staff can interact with customers through tickets and view all the information and history on that individual which is stored on their CRM system without switching applications. 

Solutions like Fortifi are incredibly flexible to changing business needs. As your company grows, so can your business platform. We recognise that there is no 'one size fits all' approach when it comes to business requirements and Fortifi's pricing structure is scaled and adapted to your current and future needs when you need it. You may currently have five users then in a year's time need ten and with business platforms you can easily scale your requirements when needed without purchasing a new solution. 

These are just a number of reasons as to why purchasing an all-in-one inclusive solution is ideal for any size business. Need more convincing? Contact us today to speak to one of our team about selecting the right solution for your business.


Fortifi gives you the power to manage all elements of your business, combining flexibility with simple design and a strong feature set. Fortifi is the all all-inclusive solution for startups to mature businesses alike. 

For those of you that require just one of our business systems, Fortifi products also work independently, providing you with a solution for every requirement. Head over to our website and check out our range of business solutions to find out more.


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