New navigation UI designed with productivity and speed in mind

Following from our update a couple of weeks ago, we are pleased to announce the release of the new Fortifi UI. We'd like to thank our existing customers for their positive reviews on the new layout since release. 

The update is a new navigation layout so you will see some big changes in user interface to free up more space, allowing you to view more information on screen in the different areas of Fortifi. In addition to this, it is also easier to access and navigate throughout Fortifi, designed with productivity and speed in mind

Navigation Bar

The first thing to notice is that the navigation bar is now vertical and in a panel on the left of the screen.


New Design:

This navigation bar can be expanded or collapsed using the Menu icon (three horizontal lines symbol) in the top left of the screen to create even more space for your content.

Settings Menu, Organisation and Employee Profile

The other big change for administrators is that the Settings menu, Organisation drop down and Employee Profile have moved. These were previously found in top right of the Navigation bar. 

The Employee Profile can now be accessed directly from within the side Navigation Bar, just above the search bar:

Clicking on this opens the Employee Record allowing editing of roles, settings, properties and view activity history: 

The Lock Sessions and Logout buttons have moved are are now in the new drop down menu next to the Organisation Name in the top left of the side Navigation bar: 

This menu also gains you quick access to Manage Brands, Employees and review and update Organisation Settings. 

Multiple Organisations

For those with access to multiple organisations, to change between these there is now even simpler. A Switch Organisation link at the bottom of the side Navigation menu allows you to easily change which organisation you want to work in:


All other functionality within Fortifi will remain the same, but this new layout brings about a big impact on the look and feel of your software and gives you much more workable space for your data. 

Let us know what you think of our latest update and how you get on with the new layout!


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