How To Boost Your Customer Service Results With Live Chat

Every business in today's market should understand the importance of quality customer service. It is often what gives one business competitive advantage ahead of others in highly competitive markets. 

Having the ability to provide this customer support consistently gives your customers trust in your business by answering their queries. 

By providing these answers in real time, you are intervening with your prospects at multiple stages of their buyer journey and in turn, increasing your sales conversion rates. 

Here at Fortifi, we have provided you with five reasons why a live chat system can help solve your customer support frustrations: 

1. Tap Into Customer Requirements in Real Time

Implementing a live chat software is a powerful tool you can utilise to communicate directly and immediately with customers. Understanding what is causing your website visitor uncertainty or frustration in their buying process means you can continually develop the products and services you offer and how they are positioned and expressed on your site. 

2. Reduce Expenses

Oversea charges, person by hour and toll charges are eliminated when transitioning your team from a primarily phone based support structure to a live chat system. You don't need to have one person per enquiry resulting in oversized customer support teams and training on new agents and hiring costs are reduced. Even one efficient agent can handle multiple different customer enquiries at one time. 

3. Achieve Competitive Advantage

There are numerous amount of businesses out there which are still not using a live chat software as part of their sales conversion activities. Giving your customer the convenience of a live chat platform means they are speaking to one of your representatives before your competition.

4. Time Saving 

Not only does a live chat platform reduce the time that clients are waiting for answers to their queries, it also reduces the time you are waiting for customers reply, allowing you to push them through the customer journey in minutes rather than days. 

5. Increase Sales Conversion Rates

By providing answers to customer queries when they need it answered will only increase the chances of having a highly satisfied prospect at the other end of your conversation. Communicating with customers when they are in the decision-making process is vital. Research from Forrester found that 44% of online customers say that having their questions answered by a live person while purchasing something in one of the most important features a website can offer. 

Fortifi Support

Fortifi offer a live chat application as part of Fortifi Support which enables you to provide around the clock service for your customers. Alongside an intelligent ticketing system is our live chat software which allows multiple agents to communicate with website visitors in real time.  


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