Knowledge Base gets a facelift

A well maintained and easy to use Knowledge Base is a great way to empower your customers to find answers on their own, and ease pressure on your support teams by reducing the incoming support emails and live chats.

We wanted to make viewing the Knowledge Base and maintaining it as quick and easy to achieve as possible so have updated our Knowledge Base feature.

Knowledge Base is now visible from within the Support section in Fortifi rather than being buried away in the Settings section: 

This will open on the view of the Employee Knowledge Base by default, and you will see a drop down in the top right allowing you to switch to viewing the Public Knowledge Base or the Affiliate Knowledge Base.

This will make things much clearer for your agents and administrators, being able to see each Knowledge Base visually represented and able to click through to each category as a user or customer would. The layout is also the same as our default Templates for the Support section so if you are still using these, you can see internally in Fortifi the same view of your Public Knowledge Base that your customers would see when browsing to Support:

This visual change is hugely helpful for Agents wanting to view an article in the Employee Knowledge Base or the Public Knowledge Base and also for Administrators who want to see how their changes effect the Knowledge Base immediately.

With this visual change we also wanted to make maintaining the Knowledge Base even easier and to ensure this is available to any Role you decide should be able to maintain the Knowledge Base.

As such there is now a new permission in the Roles -> Permissions section under Support for "Edit Knowledge Base"

Support Managers will have this permission by default, and you can enable this for any other Role that you want to maintain the Knowledge Base.

With this permission added, within the Knowledge Base in Support users of with the edit permission in their role will see a pencil icon allowing them to Create, Edit and Delete Categories and Articles:

Any Category or Article that is not published will be displayed in red to indicate that these are not visible to public or agents.

To Create an Article or Category click on the Edit pencil icon and select Create:

We wanted to make the visibility and positioning of new Categories and Articles really intuitive, so this is all now defined by where you click on the Create option.

As an example if you are in the Public Knowledge Base via the drop down, and click on Create New Category against the Customers Category, you are creating a new Category within Customers, in the Public Knowledge Base.

Editing a Category or Article will be very familiar, clicking on Edit will take you to the edit window, where you can still change search terms, content, related articles etc and can also still move the Category or Article to a different Category, but this will be limited to the Categories in the Knowledge Base you are editing (you can't move a Public Article to a Category in the Employee Knowledge Base):

Clicking on the Edit option on an Article will also give you a view of the Hits, Related Articles, Positive and Negative Votes, and clicking on Related Articles will be a quick link to editing these and saving them for this article:

These improvements to the Knowledge Base should make maintaining the Knowledge Base much easier, and should allow your agents to make even greater use of the Knowledge Base from within Fortifi.


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