Ticket Post Template

When replying to a Support Ticket there are some items you will always enter such as the customer name and your signature. To automate this and eliminate this repetitive typing we have created the Ticket Post Template.

To enable this browse to the Brand Settings and click on the Ticket Post Template under the Support section.

Enter all the information you would want on every Ticket Post to save your agents creating this each time they reply to a Support Ticket.

This template supports TWIG values allowing you to insert dynamic data such as the customer name, agent name etc.

You can also insert Images into this template using the Image button, for example you could provide the URL of your brand logo to automatically include it in all Ticket Posts. The Brand Logo Twig button will output the Logo URL into the Template content allowing you to copy this and then paste it into the Image URL field:

With this completed and saved it will appear in all Support Ticket reply posts for that Brand, allow…

CC and BCC on Support Tickets

You can now add CC and BCC addresses into Support Tickets to increase the reach of your Support Tickets, bringing more people into the Support conversation.

On the Support Ticket click on the Details tab and you can edit the CC and BCC fields to remove or add recipients. This allows you to reach multiple contacts for this customer at once, or BCC in your line manager etc:

Also if a customer has various stakeholders invested in an issue they can add them as CC recipients to their support email and they will automatically be added as CC emails in the Support Ticket and will receive any replies for that Support Ticket automatically.

Online Ticket View

An exciting new feature for Support Tickets is our Online Ticket View. Using this your customers can view the full history of a Support Ticket directly in a web page where the can also send replies without having to use their email client. 

Customers can access the Online Ticket View by clicking a link which is now added by default to the bottom of all Support Ticket emails.

To enable or disable sending the Online Ticket View links in emails page go to the Brand Settings page and click on Ticket Options under Support: 

Ensure this is enabled and then send out Support Tickets. In the footer of the Support Ticket email will be a link to view the ticket online.
Clicking this the Customers will get access to the Online Ticket View, which displays the Brand Name, Logo and is coloured using the Brand colours, ensuring this feels like an extension of your Support features for your customers: